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I'm back in area, so thought I'd start reading this thing again cos many of you don't like managing your social life with facebook and so I'll have to see what's going on by reading it here. *effort*

Anyway, look forward to seeing some of you more than I used to!


Music Journal 29

Have aquired a multitude of cds for DigiWon (as apparently people like to truncate it to). Listening to some Phat tunes right now, can't say what they are cos they are secret weapons, let's just say I have got some white hot tracks to share. Will update Thursday. God it's going to be So Much Fun! It will be a quiet one, but Darren, Ewan anbd I will just play great music and play to our mates while drinking.

Listened to Brighteyes - Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil. Some top tracks on it. "Just want a lover" and "Don't know when but a day is gonna come"



Never feel like posting when I'm down or busy or happily bouncing, which is most states.

Going to reawaken the music journal though as it only died cos of my nights emergence. I was very busy finding and analysing music to play at my night to actually enjoy music of any kind. But now, I am free of such burdens I can listen for pleasure again. (plEEEEzure)

if you want to be added (if you aren't already on the filter) please say so.

goin to bed now, having made my intentions clear.

May. 20th, 2007

can someone tell me how to make a default view? there is too much to go through on my friends page.

Angst in bulletpoints.

Got up early to purchase Arcade Fire tickets online, but failed, so lost sleep for nothing. Total bummer.

Decided to snuggle up with a recently downloaded copy of English Patient, but the quality was awful. Bummer.

Have to phone Neil at lunch to apologise for being crazy person last night. Bum.

Woo! It's my day off. Yay.

and finally....an update!

Sorry for disappearing for so long, but as some of you know, the lead-up to xmas is really important for retail and I was totally run off my feet and very crazed generally.

I had a lovely 3 days of xmas fun at Chris' parents house. I got an Ixus 60 camera for Christmas and was gifted with a personal DAB randomly ("oh, I have one lying around you can have"). We got a 500gb NAS from his parents. Plus I bought my lovely man a Wii, which he is killing his shoulders and back on as we speak; tip: those things really burn calories!

Plan to start my music journal again in the new year (sorry to those of you who actually read it, and thanks for reading it *blush* ).

I just had a giant glass of orange juice; I feel like I have a giant rotting turkey in my gut - really want to detox and cleanse myself. We went to Sainsbury and I bought so much fruit! If anyone has any miracle digestive treatments, please share.

My arms are massive after having to cart huge boxes around for the last 2 months - not sure how I feel about having giant man-arms, but I plan to get myself some punch-pads so I can hit stuff; sometimes I feel like I need to hit stuff.

I plan to have a Phillip K Dick all-nighter, first it was planned for the dvd release of Scanner Darkly, but that unfortunately coincides with Chris' birthday weekend, so now I'm thinking I'll have it on his death-day which is March 2 - although I'm not so sure it's cool to celebrate his death... probably just have it when I can be arsed.
I had a rock and roll week with much clubbing and drinking. woo!
It is the only way to counter working in retail over christmas.

will rejoin LJ when it's all over.

Thank you!

Just quickly, thanks to everyone who came to my party, you all rock. We missed all of you who couldn't make it: special get well shout out to Darren. Hope everyone had a good time :)



put on your dancing shoes

Popstarz tonight....

See you there?


Immensely upset by this.

Tried to sign a petition against it, but couldn't find one. Does anyone know of one? Can any one else find one? Also, if one does not exist, does anyone want to help me start one? I feel incredibly strongly about this and would appreciate any help and support to fight it.